My Pregnant Sister//Toronto Boudoir Photography

This is a culmination of all my favourite things…a sister, a baby bump, a bedroom, and sexy lingerie. My dear sweet sexy sister lives in Nunavut, that’s right Nunavut! Right now it’s dark and damn cold, but still she manages to heat things up (while pregnant none the less).

So here she is…the most beautiful pregnant woman I have EVER seen. Ever! She is 7 months along, loving life, excited to meet her baby, and simply glowing. We knew while she home we’d have do a quick session (last time she was home we shot on the beach…just a little pregnant, The afternoon before the shoot we ended up at LaSenza…the belly shoot quickly turned into a boudoir shoot! Here she is…my beautiful, sexy, wonderful, happy, easy to photograph sister.

I loved seeing her. Listening to baby’s heartbeat, feeling his hiccups, and simply enjoying a much needed visit. We are so lucky to have seen her before baby’s birth. I love you, sisty! See you in February.

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9 thoughts on “My Pregnant Sister//Toronto Boudoir Photography

  1. Shauna Hazen on said:

    Beautiful pics! You have a great eye, Kate!

  2. Love these photos, and what a fab idea for a soon to be mommy! Hair + make-up, sexy lingerie, and gorgeous photos to remember this special time in her life 🙂 p.s. ur sis is beautiful

  3. very nice work KHI…inspiring!

  4. These pictures are absolutely incredible!!! I don’t remember looking like that when I was pregnant!!!

  5. Victoria on said:

    Wonderful shots, Kate. Em looks great!

  6. Melissa on said:

    Great idea to bring to the north! Perfect timing to spice up the February blaa’s. You definately have an eye for photography!! Beautiful shots.

    • MRC, I’ve been imagining your pregnant self in front of my lens…both nude and doing yoga (I know you’re really a sucker for a great yoga!)…not at the same shoot.

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