About Kate

I’m a wedding and boudoir photographer working in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. I wish I had something brilliant to write to you. Sheesh! Where to begin? Something that will stun you…?

How about I just tell you what I love, what really makes me happy and we’ll go from there. The biggest piece of my life is my son. He was born Jan 17/11. He’s nuts and we love it that way. I am a wife…a busy working wife…kind of a crazy combination for  my hubby. He loves me and thinks I’m the prettiest girl he’s ever seen. Thank goodness for that. I think it makes his job as busy working husband a little easier.

I’m really close with my family. Example: we ALL (mom, dad, siblings, children) attended my sister’s recent home birth. Not for the faint of heart.

You know you’re close when;

daddy Hood (60+) to brother Hood (20+):

“The head is coming out…do you want to see it?”

bh to dh: (wide-eyed, arms crossed, in the corner of the bedroom)

“No thanks. I’m good right here.”

And my work. It keeps me going everyday. It is the thing that makes me ME. I feel it when I speak to people, when I shoot, when I edit, and when I look at a final piece of work. This year I made a decision to spend more time with the two people I love most, my husband and my son. In dedicating myself more fully to them I’ve been able to appreciate more deeply the work I love so much. It’s a fine balance, most often off kilter, but it has allowed me to move in directions and feel differently about my work, in ways that I didn’t know I could.

I want to thank my sweet (and endlessly talented) friends Jenna and Tristan of Victoria, BC for shooting this series of J and I just a few months before Charlie arrived.

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